How can I think of a cool blog URL?! It's so hard, I've got all my posts ready and I'm all set except the name is driving me insane :(

Start writing down words and names and anything that comes to your head in relation to what you want your blog to be about- and pick something a bit obscure that isn’t too obvious! Maybe try and change some letters in the normal spelling of a common word? 

Indo China

Think rickshaw drivers, fresh fruit eaters, market stall owners, and enough rice paddies to feed the world. I ventured into Indo China (Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos) a few years ago, and after trawling my iPhoto for inspiration I couldn’t help but write a post. After countless history lessons, envying friend’s photos, and an entire HSC exam- it was time to see it myself. In hindsight, this trio is…

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what kind of coat would you suggest to get for this winter season? What's in style x

My sister just got the coolest Isabel Marant plaid wooly jacket (I think it’s called the Gael Jacket?), or maybe look on ASOS if you want something less expensive they will have something similar! Goodluck :)